2020 Partners Charter

Name:  The name of the organization shall be “2020 Partners”.

Structure:  2020 Partners is an unincorporated public/private organization functioning as a partnership of its members. Consensus-based decision-making will be pursued at all times.

Mission:  2020 Partners is a forum to facilitate the continuing transformation of a vital and unique place. Its goal is to lay the foundation and attract investment for future development by knitting together communities and leveraging the assets of Target Field, Minneapolis Farmers Market, transit and energy facilities.

Activities:  The partnership shall convene and advise key public and private stakeholders in order to develop and promote a clear identity for the area, and enhance and integrate infrastructure and design concepts that will maximize sustainability, connections and neighborhood vitality. The partnership shall facilitate discussion and decision making among the multiple stakeholders and projects in order to ensure a unified effort that benefits the common good.

The partnership shall act as a:

  • Clearinghouse: Convening regular meetings for dissemination of information
  • Platform: Providing organizational support for planning and development projects
  • Incubator: Initiating projects and identifying sources of funding
  • Advocate: Promoting comprehensive, integrated planning and design

Membership:  Any person or organization, public or private, may become a member by participating or registering with the partnership. No dues or fees shall be required for membership. Membership registration may be accomplished by attendance at 2020 Partners membership meetings. The partnership shall maintain a list of registered members who shall receive notice of all membership meetings.

Meetings of Members:  Meetings of members shall be called by the Steering Committee on written notice or notice on the partnership website. The notice shall state the time and place of the meeting and the agenda for the meeting. Members shall act on all matters through a majority of those present at any properly convened meeting.

Steering Committee:  The current Steering Committee of 2020 Partners consists of ten individuals and represented organizations. A list of current Steering Committee members is set forth on the partnership’s website and shall be updated for any changes. The Steering Committee may also have designated advisors who also attend Steering Committee meetings.

All Steering Committee members have an important voice in the planning process and all issues raised will be given due attention. If unable to reach consensus, the Steering Committee will abide by a majority vote.

In performing its duties, the Steering Committee shall appoint a chair and guide the consideration and approval over the following:

  • A work plan identifying matters of importance to the partnership and its members
  • Any public position taken by 2020 Partners
  • Agenda items for 2020 Partners meetings
  • Additional members to the committee or replacements for members who are no longer serving
  • Hiring of outside consultants
  • Annual budget and expenditures exceeding $5,000

Meetings of the Steering Committee may be called by the chair or any three members. Notice shall be given for each meeting including the agenda for the meeting.

The required quorum for action is one-third of the then serving members of the Steering Committee.

Adoption/Amendments:  This charter shall be effective upon approval by the Steering Committee, subject to amendment by the members at the first member meeting following adoption by the Steering Committee. Thereafter, amendments must (1) be initialized by and adopted by the Steering Committee, and (2) be submitted to the members for amendment at the next membership meeting following adoption.

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