Agenda for May 19, 2016

2020 Partners Steering Committee Meeting

12:30 – 2:00 pm
Kaplan Strangis Kaplan


  1. Call to order – Nick Koch
  2. Mechanics of May 24th membership meeting
    a. Monitor City of Minneapolis and Legislature on key issues (Farmers Market and MLS Soccer)
    b. Farmers Market report results – Neil Reardon, UrbanWorks
  3. 2016 Work Plan discussion
  4. Transit Development Updates:
    a. Southwest/Bottineau/Royalston-Farmers Market Station – Peter McLaughlin
    b. Metro Transit?
  5. Minnesota Twins Update – Dave St. Peter
  6. Minnesota Ballpark Authority Update – Dan Kenney
  7. Courts at Mayo Clinic Square/Target Center Improvements Update – Ted Johnson
  8. Property Development Updates
    a. Hines – Bob Pfefferle
    b. Other property development updates?
  9. Neighborhood Updates
  10. 2020 Partners Budget
    a. Discussion of grant applications – Ralph Strangis, David FrankSend invoices?
    b. Status of additional financial partners – Ted Johnson
    c. Invoices sent to stakeholders
  11. Next Membership Meeting: May 24, 2016, at The Courts at Mayo Clinic Square
    Next Steering Committee Meeting: June 16

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