Agenda for July 16, 2015

2020 Partners Steering Committee Meeting

12:30 – 2:00 pm
Kaplan Strangis Kaplan


  1. Call to order – Nick Koch
  2. Metro Transit’s Heywood Campus Master Plan Update – Marilyn Porter, Director of Engineering and Facilities, CPE, and Pierce Canser, Associate Planner, Metro Transit
    a.  Transit Police Headquarters
    b.  Heywood II Maintenance Facility
  3. Minnesota Twins/Target Field Station Update – Matt Hoy
  4. Major League Soccer Update – Ralph Strangis
  5. Transit Development Updates: Southwest/Bottineau/Royalston Station – Peter McLaughlin
  6. Property Development Updates
    a.  United Properties – John Saunders
    b.  Greco Development: two North Loop Projects – David Frank
  7. North Loop District Energy and Development Potential [Working title, 8 minutes, presented at International District Energy Association in Boston by HGA colleague. Could be good for Hennepin County, Covanta and district.]
  8. Neighborhood Updates
  9. 2020 Partners Budget
    a.  NRG – Financial Investment in The 2020 Partners
    b.  Other suggested financial partners: Mayo Clinic, Be The Match, Fulton, new owner of Junction Flats?
    c.  Reminder invoices were sent; all have paid except Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association (continue to pursue?)
  10. Building Community Exhibition, September 2-3 at IDS Center*
  11. Agenda for 2020 Partners Membership Meeting on July 28; meeting followed by MN Twins game
  12. Next Steering Committee meeting: August 20

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