Agenda for January 15, 2015

2020 Partners Steering Committee Meeting

12:30 – 2:00 pm
Kaplan Strangis Kaplan


  1. Transit Development Updates: Southwest/Bottineau/Royalston Station – Peter McLaughlin
  2. Minnesota Ballpark Authority Update – Dan Kenney
  3. Minnesota Twins Update – Dave St. Peter
  4. Target Center Improvements Update – Ted Johnson
  5. Property Development Updates
    a.  United Properties – John Saunders
    b.  Hines – Bob Pfefferle
  6. 2020 Partners Work Plan for 2014 [Chuck Leer’s plan from last January, attached for your review/consideration]
  7. Budget for 2015 [Excel spreadsheet attached showing funds as of 12/31/14]
  8. Discussion about and selection of new Chair
  9. Letter from Chuck Leer to 2020 Partners Members (see below)
  10. Agenda for Membership Meeting on Tuesday, January 27, 2015, at HGA
  11. Next Steering Committee meeting: February 19, 2015

Letter from Chuck Leer:

2020 Members,

I’m writing to let you know I stepped down as chair of 2020 Partners, effective November 13, 2014, the date of the last Steering Committee meeting.

2020 is a group of public and private stakeholders working together to realize their enlightened self-interest. For me, the spark for this remarkable city-building enterprise was having skin in the game. When I discovered I no longer had a direct stake in the big issues I knew it was time to pass the torch.

It has been an honor and privilege to help found the group (with Mary deLaittre and Mark Oyaas) and then serve as chair. Together, we have nurtured a unique collaboration (entirely voluntary and never incorporated) that started in 2006 with DAG360, evolved into 2010 Partners for the opening of Target Field and, reaching for more, morphed into the current 2020 Partners. True to our original guiding principles – sustainability and vital connections – we’ve shown that paying attention to the space between buildings inspires great city building.

Successful collaborations are forged upon trust, which becomes the glue holding us together and making us part of something greater than ourselves. I am forever grateful to have earned your trust as chair.

I am confident you will find the right leader to take the torch and lead 2020 to the next level. Keep it up.

Carry on,

Chuck Leer

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