Minutes for July 22, 2014

 2020 Partners Membership Meeting

HGA, Ford Center

Meeting Minutes – Approved, as corrected, by the 2020 Partners on September 30, 2014

Attendees: Michael Ahern, Dave Albersman, Kathleen Anderson, Deb Brisk, Joan Campbell, Mike Christenson, John Cook, Aaron Corcoran, Raymond Dehn, Alice Eichholz, Jamil Ford, David Frank, David Galey, Nadia Hasan, Brad Henry, Wendy Holmes, Denise Holt, Joanne Kaufman, Dan Kenney, Nick Koch, Rick Kreuser, Dave Laidig, Bruce Lambrecht, Chuck Leer, Joe Leyba, Tom Lincoln, Breanna Lindholm, David Loehr, Bill Madden, Sherman Malkerson, Cory Merrifield, Diane Merrifield, Kelly Nelson, Mark Oyaas, Robert Pfefferle, Duke Rodda, Karen Rosar, LJ Rotman, Bob Salmen, Marcy Schulte, Dave St. Peter, Mark Stenglein, Ralph Strangis, Marsha Wagner

1. Welcome and Introductions – Nick Koch, Host, and Chuck Leer, Chair

2. Approval of Minutes from 2020 Partners Meeting on May 27, 2014
Minutes were approved and have been posted on The 2020 Partners website.

3. Advocacy for Southwest LRT – Chuck Leer; David Frank, Transit Oriented Development Manager, CPED

Mr. Leer reported that he represented The 2020 Partners with support for Southwest LRT at the well-attended public hearing held at Anwatin on July 8. Mr. Frank added that following negotiations between the City of Minneapolis and the Metropolitan Council, an agreement was reached on additional elements. This agreement will trigger a new round of voting and municipal consent, including a vote by the City of Minneapolis. All signs point to an affirmative vote that will take place in the month of August. Members of The 2020 Partners will be asked to advocate for approval by the City of Minneapolis; a reminder email will be sent out prior to the City vote.

4. Major League Baseball All-Star Game Recap – Dave St. Peter, President, Minnesota Twins Baseball Club
Mr. St. Peter said it was an honor and privilege to host the 85th Midsummer Classic on July 15. He acknowledged and thanked several “shining stars” and key groups:

  • The gifted and talented group of people working for the Minnesota Twins organization
  • The Pohlad family, who led the way to a memorable event, including legacy donations of $9 million to charities and capital projects
  • Target Field, with all its wonderful amenities including Target Field Station; walkability, connections to downtown core, and accessibility
  • Partnerships with the City of Minneapolis, Public Works, Minneapolis Police Department, Hennepin County, and others
  • Target Corporation, which provided pregame events and entertainment, including a tribute to teachers

Overall they were very pleased. Events like the Imagine Dragons concert, Red Carpet parade, and FanFest, which drew over 100,000 people over five days, were successful. Target Field’s urban design was showcased, specifically how it fit within the fabric of the North Loop. The Gala showed off the riverfront and its connection to downtown Minneapolis. Idina Menzel’s performance of the National Anthem was excellent. Even the rainbow following the Home Run Derby rain delay was spectacular. The only “negative” involved complaints about the late-night fireworks at the end of the Riverfront Gala.

5. Target Field Station Programming – Dave St. Peter; Breanna Lindholm, Ballpark Operations Assistant, Minnesota Twins Baseball Club
While we were reminded that the purpose of Target Field Station is primarily for safe queuing and access to arriving and departing trains, the Minnesota Twins, Target Corporation, and a consortium including The 2020 Partners are developing active programming as a secondary benefit. Some of the events held to date at Target Field Station include viewings of the World Cup, Twins games, movies and other various All-Star events on the digital board, which so far has been the main attraction. Music concerts have taken place at the amphitheater. During this inaugural year they are trying a lot of different things, and they encourage ideas and concepts in trying to create a dynamic public space. The members of 2020 Partners were encouraged to visit Target Field Station at night to see the cool lighting and other features.

6. North Loop Neighborhood Park – David Frank, President, North Loop Neighborhood Association (NLNA)
With so many people moving in to the North Loop, the NLNA has been working on “livability” issues for several years: adding trees on Washington Avenue, creating a dog park, opening a new grocery store, etc. This has been a volunteer-led effort, working on a shoestring budget. With funds from the Minnesota Twins and the neighborhood they developed a scoping study, and began working on creating more green space via a neighborhood park. The scoping study identified three sites, and recently they have identified the best site for the park, currently a surface parking lot located on Third Street North, between Seventh and Tenth Avenues North. They are in the midst of negotiating with Schaffer Richardson (SR), owner of the property, to determine how much land is needed for the park and how much SR is willing to sell. Where the financing will come from is yet to be determined.

7. 2020 Partners Website – The website has been updated with some new photos, but we are always looking for more so we can rotate photos on-and-off the home page. Members are encouraged to send photos, including some from the All-Star Game, to Marsha Wagner for consideration and inclusion on the website.

Members were also informed that a link has been added on our webpage to Target Field Station Events.

8. Next Steps for 2020 Partners

Southwest LRT, a major focus of our group for a number of years, is on track toward approval and execution. While we don’t have resources, The 2020 Partners provides a forum for people to come together to advance ideas. A number of topics were introduced for consideration as we move forward:

  • Clean Energy District – there was support for and concerns about leveraging the assets of HERC, Excel and CenterPoint to create branding for an area beyond Target Field. A number of members present had reservations about this topic, and offered to be part of a discussion group to educate and inform The 2020 Partners at a future meeting.
  • Creating connections between Southwest LRT and the Farmers Market area.
  • Creating connections between the past and future, i.e. medallions on historic buildings, increased signage on streets, memorializing historic events and accomplishments.

9. 2020 Partners Meeting Schedule
The next meeting of the 2020 Partners will be on Tuesday, September 23, 2014.
The meeting will be held at HGA’s office in the Ford Center, from 5:00-6:30 p.m., unless otherwise specified in the meeting notice.

Following adjournment, the membership enjoyed a pizza dinner provided by The 2020 Partners, accompanied by snacks and beverages provided by our hosts at HGA and beer donated by Fulton Brewery. The membership then walked across Fifth Street to Target Field to enjoy a Twins game as guests of Dave St. Peter and the Minnesota Twins Baseball Club.

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