Minutes for January 28, 2014

2020 Partners Membership Meeting
HGA, Ford Center

Meeting Minutes – Approved by the 2020 Partners  on March 25, 2014

Attendees: Don Armstrong, Justin Baylor, Tim Baylor, Jackie Cherryhomes-Tyler, Matt Clark, Raymond Dehn, Jim Diley, Dan Duffy, Alice Eichholz, Erin Fitzgerald, Christine Fleming, Jamil Ford, David Frank, David Galey, Brad Henry, George Holden, Denise Holt, Ben Johnson, Ted Johnson, Dan Kenney, Nick Koch, Bruce Lambrecht, Chuck Leer, David Loehr, Jay Ludke, Nick Magrino, Bill McGuire, Peter McLaughlin, Kelly Nelson, Duane Petersen, Robert Pfefferle, Neil Reardon, Kit Richardson, Peter Roos, Karen Rosar, LJ Rotman, Dave St. Peter, Dan Starkey, Mark Stenglein, Ralph Strangis, Bryan Suchy, Carletta Sweet, Albert Swintek, Marsha Wagner, Dale White

Please note the meeting minutes reflect the actual order agenda items were discussed during the meeting and differs from the agenda outline.

1.  Welcome and Introductions – Nick Koch, Host, and Chuck Leer, Chair
Several first-timers were in attendance, including Jim Diley of Fulton Brewing who brought several growlers of beer and freshly-crafted sodas to share with attendees.

2.  Approval of Minutes from 2020 Partners Meeting on November 19, 2013
Minutes were approved and have been posted on The 2020 Partners website.

3.  Transit Development Updates – Peter McLaughlin, Hennepin County Commissioner
The opening date of Target Field Station is May 17. [See Item #5 below for more details.]
The Grand Opening of the Central Corridor (Green) Line will take place on June 14, with free rides throughout the entire Metro Transit system on Saturday and Sunday. The main ceremony will be held at the Depot in downtown St. Paul. There are activities planned throughout the weekend and they are anticipating huge crowds.

Southwest Corridor: The studies requested by the Governor on hydrology and freight will be released later this week [week of January 27]. It is anticipated that for a month or so meetings will be held at the city council level of all affected communities, where decisions will be made giving local consent. It is the custom in this region for all municipalities to vote approval before proceeding. The Park Board also is involved in the process through the National Environmental Policy Act. Although the outcome cannot be predicted, there is hope that The 2020 Partners will be a voice for moving ahead. A secondary challenge is funding; since the Government didn’t include money for the Southwest Corridor in his bonding bill they are looking at other routes for funding. The project is still on schedule to open in 2018.

4.  Target Center Improvements Update – Ted Johnson, Senior Vice President Marketing & Communications, Minnesota Timberwolves | Lynx
Referencing the presentation by Jeremy Hanson Willis at the November 2020 Partners meeting, Mr. Johnson reported that the Minneapolis City Council approved the revitalization plan in November, and created an infrastructure and processes among the involved parties: Timberwolves | Lynx, AEG and the City Council. RFPs for architectural services and construction manager are expected to be out at about the same time, by the end of February. After the interview process, contracts will be awarded and they will more forward aggressively with the project. The City Council formed the Target Center Implementation Committee, chaired by Jerry Bell. The next meeting is scheduled for February 20, 4:30-6:00, in Room 319 City Hall.

The Timberwolves | Lynx have signed a letter of intent with the owners of Block E for corporate headquarters space and a practice facility, which will be on the third floor with its 30 foot high ceilings (formerly theaters). A 100 square foot training center will be the first training center serving both NBA and WNBA teams, and it will also be accessible by the community. At the Skyway level, they are looking into interactive displays and retail space.

5.  Target Field Station Presentation – Dave St. Peter, President, Minnesota Twins
Mr. St. Peter announced that spring training begins in 23 days, then wondered why this meeting wasn’t being held in Fort Myers. He discussed the partnership among the Twins, Hennepin County and United Properties, and acknowledged and thanked Hennepin County for its courage and vision for the Interchange. He described Target Field Station (TFS) as a cool gathering space that the region can be proud of, an asset for Downtown and the North Loop.

In developing the TFS enhancement package, the Twins partnered with Target. Mr. St. Peter introduced Dan Starkey, Senior Director, Ballpark Development, Minnesota Twins, and Bryan Suchy, Regional Real Estate Manager, Target Corporation, who led us through a presentation showing plans for Target Field Station. Tasked with ensuring that the space was active, they consulted with the Interchange Project Office design construction team, looking at the transit plan and how to make full use of the transit facility, drawing people to this space.

Mr. Suchy discussed three concepts/enhancements: (1) a large way-finding TFS sign, located on the side of the HERC, which will be red during the day and at night appear white; (2) a light garden among a bosque of trees that people will be able to hear, touch, walk through and experience, will also be used for queuing for trains; and (3) a clock tower, with a digital clock visible from two sides, and video board that will be used for events such as ballgames and movie nights, with audio speakers that will work in conjunction with Target Field games, concerts and other events. The enhancements are expected to be completed by the May 17 Opening Date of TFS.

During a question-and-answer period, other details emerged:

  • The programming for the video board is subject to approval by Hennepin County; programming will include Twins games and other Target Field and TFS events, plus breaking news. The Twins are paying for the video board and own the naming rights, so there will be some sponsored programming but not hard advertising.
  • The “Dan Kenney Memorial Clock Tower” will be visible from several vantage points and unique spaces.
  • Commissioner McLaughlin would like The 2020 Partners to be involved in programming, and the Twins support that wish; nobody knows the area or history better than this group.

In summation, David Frank thanked the Minnesota Twins and Target for their continued investment and grand vision.

6.  Minnesota Ballpark Authority – Dan Kenney, Executive Director, Minnesota Ballpark Authority
The Ballpark Authority is working on three public art projects for Target Field Station, and more details will be revealed closer to the May 17 opening date. On the Plaza, it is hoped that one piece of public art, Zoran’s large stone bench, will sit in front of a retail establishment.

7.  Property Development Updates

a.  Hines – Bob Pfefferle, Director, Hines
Dock Street Flats moved in its first residents on January 2. They are experiencing amazing leasing activity in January from people who are not already living in Minneapolis but are moving here from other cities and areas. Dunn Bros. is moving into retail space, expecting to open the second week in February, and will be adding food, beer and wine to its menu. LOLË (live out loud everyday), an active women’s wear retailer that also sponsors activities for its customers, expects to open the second week in March.

When asked what project(s) were next, Mr. Pfefferle responded that with Target Field Station, Be the Match, Freehouse, etc., the area continues to improve. Hines has received calls from companies looking for office space, but nothing large enough to warrant a new construction project. He also mentioned that there is direct public access from Dock Street Flats to the Cedar Lake Bike Trail, which they are trying to keep plowed.

Chuck Leer added that there are plans to convert the Jackson Building at Third and Washington into a first-class hotel.

b.  Be the Match Foundation – Christine Fleming
Be the Match is looking forward to moving into the neighborhood with its 900 employees in January 2016. They are excited about their building’s direct adjacency to Target Field Station. Ms. Fleming extended an invitation to an informational Be The Match Breakfast on Thursday, March 6, at The Depot in Minneapolis.

8.  2020 Partners Work Plan for 2014 – Chuck Leer, Chair, The 2020 Partners
Chair Leer distributed a work plan and budget for 2014 that was approved by the Steering Committee at its January 23 meeting. The work plan includes advocating for Southwest LRT, Target Field Station, Target Center Revitalization, Royalston Station, and a Soccer Stadium at the Farmers Market site.

The origin of the 2020 Partners began in 2006 with DAG 360, which addressed issues all the way around the Target Field site. DAG 360’s report on City Building, which took 45 days to produce, was a paper foldout. Since 2006 there has been more than $500 million in new development in the area, with many more projects on the drawing board. To facilitate the work plan it’s time to write the next chapter, telling the story as a foundation for taking the next step. To that end 2020 Partners will retain consultants who will complete their report by June 15.

9.  Budget for 2014 – Chuck Leer
To fund the report, estimated to cost $40,000, as well as other 2020 Partners activities, Chair Leer is asking ten stakeholders to each contribute $5,000; so far about half of them have committed.

By acclamation, the proposed work plan and budget received support from the members present.

10.  2020 Partners Meeting Schedule
The next meeting of the 2020 Partners will be on Tuesday, March 25, 2014.
All meetings will be held at HGA’s office in the Ford Center, from 5:00-6:30 p.m., unless otherwise specified in the meeting notices.


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