Minutes for September 24, 2013

2020 Partners Membership Meeting
HGA, Ford Center

Meeting Minutes – Approved by the 2020 Partners on November 19, 2013

Attendees: Kathleen Anderson, Nina Axelson, Joan Campbell, Matt Clark, David Frank, Brad Henry, George Holden, Joanne Kaufman, Dan Kenney, Nick Koch, Bruce Lambrecht, Chuck Leer, David Loehr, Matthew Manning, Michael McClimon, Kelly Nelson, Mark Oyaas, Duane Petersen, Peter Roos, Karen Rosar, LJ Rotman, Mark Stenglein, Ralph Strangis, Carletta Sweet, Albert Swintek, Marsha Wagner, Dale White

1.     Welcome and Introductions – David Frank

2.     Approval of Minutes from 2020 Partners Meeting on July 16, 2013
Minutes were approved and have been posted on The 2020 Partners website.

3.     Transit Development Updates
David Frank reported that Target Field Station (formerly known as the Interchange) is 50% complete. The Central Corridor is 96% complete. At the Steering Committee meeting (September 19) Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin described the features and benefits of Target Field Station resulting from the joint venture among Hennepin County, the Minnesota Twins and United Properties. We will ask him for a short summary at our next meeting.

4.     Minnesota Ballpark Authority – Dan Kenney, Executive Director, Minnesota Ballpark Authority

a. Public Art – Three artists have been named by the Selection Committee, of which several members were presented and thanked by Mr. Kenney. Craig David will use sandblasting techniques to create murals on the granite walls; Brad Kaspari will create art all the way around on the cisterns; and Zoran Mojsilov and Igor Fridman will create a “living room” at the top of the cascade stairs. The amount budgeted for the Public Art Project was $300,000; it will come in below that amount.

b. Security Enhancements – Additional security required for the All-Star Game and by Homeland Security include benches and planters, mostly on Seventh Street, some on Fifth Street, and along the Target Field parking lot. The $1,000,000 cost will be split by the Minnesota Twins and the Minnesota Ballpark Authority.

Some depictions of the public art and the proposed security enhancements can be found here.

5.     Property Development Updates

a. United Properties – Loose-Wiles Freehouse is targeting an early December opening. The delay in opening is largely due to issues associated with being a brewhouse.

b. Hines – Dock Street Flats is moving along on schedule with expected occupancy mid-December. Dunn Bros. will be moving over to Dock Street retail space on Washington, opening in January. They will have an outdoor patio and will be offering an expanded menu (sandwiches, salads, soups, etc.) as well as beer & wine.

c. Whole Foods Market – Grand Opening on September 25.

6.     Farmers Market: Next Steps
David Frank provided some background on the Farmers Market; it has been a primary focus area of 2020 Partners for years. For the past few meetings we have been discussing what 2020 Partners should do, how they should be engaged. 2020 Partners is about facilitating more connections and more development; not based on design but about making this happen, providing leadership, and sending the message that we are here to help make things happen.

Ralph Strangis disclosed that his law firm represents Bill McGuire, owner of a soccer team that is one level below MLS. The soccer team currently plays in Blaine, or when weather necessitates indoors at the Dome. Mr. McGuire is looking at alternate sites, including the Farmers Market area, to build a 15,000-25,000 seat major league soccer stadium. A first-class soccer stadium costs about 10% of what it costs to build a football stadium, and it works at the Farmers Market site. Soccer attracts a younger demographic that is more likely to use public transit. Mr. Strangis asked if 2020 Partners is interested in expressing support for a soccer field, and read the following Statement of Support: “The 2020 Partners organization encourages Minnesota United FC to explore the Farmers Market site for a soccer stadium as the potential anchor for development of a multi-use complex, retaining as a key element the Farmers Market with improved facilities, and maximizing the development opportunity from the existing and planned transit improvements.”

Q: Bruce Lambrecht asked who would be in charge, who is the leader. He said that Mr. McGuire had a meeting with Dave Albersman but after initial excitement the project fell flat. Someone has to work on it.
A: That’s Bill’s question. He’s not going to individually fund the development. He wants to get people other than himself involved. This will take some involvement from a governmental unit, and that hasn’t happened.

Q: Going to the next level, Populous has experience with soccer stadiums. They could develop some renderings.
A: Mr. McGuire has decided to use the same architects as the Vikings [Ryan].

There was some discussion about using land owned by Metro Transit near I-94/I-394. Metro Transit intends to use that as a companion bus facility to the Heywood Garage. Mr. Strangis said the size of the site needed is 8 acres, and that it fits into the Farmers Market site. What is attractive about the Farmers Market site – transit – is what is missing in Blaine. Mr. McGuire has met with Chuck Leer about the land owners/land assembly near the Farmers Market.

Chuck Leer reported that part of getting this out on the table is to see if there is interest. The business owners who expressed interest in land assembly for the Vikings are still interested, as confirmed by Duane Petersen of Stark Electronics. It is hard to get things started, and they don’t want to wade into water without community support. For 2020 Partners, it’s all about connections. With the Royalston Station, there hasn’t been much momentum for turning that into a development opportunity.

Kathleen Anderson asked about the future of the Farmers Market. David Frank replied that from the perspective of 2020 Partners, we love it, want it to stay, thrive and grow more or less where it is. Minneapolis wants it, wants current growers to stay in place. Mr. Strangis reminded us that the Statement in Support says “retaining as a key element the Farmers Market” so that will be included in any development.

At the conclusion of discussion on the topic, the members present by affirmation unanimously approved the Statement.

7.     2020 Partners – Website / Map of Development since 2006
If anyone has additions, corrections or other changes to properties entered on the website map, or any new developments, they are to send them to Marsha Wagner. Ms. Wagner also asked anyone with photos to send them to her for inclusion in the photo gallery on the home page. [http://the2020partners.com/map/]

8.     Neighbor Updates 

Nick Koch extended an invitation to a mayoral candidate forum to be held at International Market Square on September 26.

Marsha Wagner invited people to attend the Alliance for Healthy Homes and Communities Statewide Convening, Tuesday, October 1, at The Depot.

David Frank announced that Chuck Leer is feeling well enough to renew his role as chair. Mr. Leer said he feels great, there’s no evidence of disease; he can’t keep waiting, has to keep on living. With the Statement of Support, Farmers Market and transit developments, there are tremendous opportunities to collaborate with people who have made investments. What has been accomplished by 2010/220 is kind of magic. He wants to see development dollars added to the website map to reflect the staggering investment in the area: almost 1,000 new apartments with more being built, and $250-300 million in new development since the Ballpark legislation was signed in 2006. He said he’s happy to be back, happy to help.

By affirmation, the members gave their support and welcomed him back, and the ceremonial baseball bat exchanged hands. Also by affirmation, the group expressed their thanks and appreciation to David Frank for stepping in as interim chair.

9.     2020 Partners Meeting Schedule
The next meeting of the 2020 Partners will be on Tuesday, November 19, 2013.
All meetings will be held at HGA’s office in the Ford Center, from 5:00-6:30 p.m., unless otherwise specified in the meeting notices.

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