Minutes for July 16, 2013

2020 Partners Membership Meeting
HGA, Ford Center

Meeting Minutes – Approved by the 2020 Partners on September 24, 2013

Attendees: Michael Ahern, Dave Albersman, Kathleen Anderson, Peter Bruce, Joan Campbell, Raymond Dehn, Alice Eichholz, Scott Elofson, Jamil Ford, David Frank, Brad Henry, Denise Holt, Joanne Kaufman, Dan Kenney, Nick Koch, Chuck Leer, David Loehr, Sherman Malkerson, Carl Michaud, Mark Oyaas, Duane Petersen, Marilyn Porter, Neil Reardon, Karen Rosar, Carletta Sweet, Marsha Wagner, Dale White

1.     Welcome and Introductions – David Frank

2.     Approval of Minutes from 2020 Partners Meeting on May 21, 2013

Minutes were approved and have been posted on The 2020 Partners website.

3.     Transit Development Updates

Interchange: David Frank reported that on August 7 there will be a celebration of the installation of the first rail at the Interchange. Check the website for more information: http://www.theinterchange.net/.

Metro Transit: Marilyn Porter, Director of Engineering and Facilities at Metro Transit, said they are moving ahead on the Metro Transit Police office on the southeast corner of Sixth Avenue North and Fifth Street North. They have good project partners, and plan to start construction in 2014.

4.     Royalston Station Plans/Farmers Market: Next Steps

David Frank led the discussion by noting that 2020 Partners, and its predecessor 2010 Partners, has always been about making more out of what we have. With big picture thinking, the organization has been concerned with connections: improving infrastructure and targeting different approaches to interesting connections.

At recent meetings we have seen a number of proposals for the Farmers Market area. At one time it was considered the site of the new Vikings stadium. A Granville Island-type market is another scenario, and a soccer field has been mentioned. At its meeting on July 11, the Steering Committee had a conversation about what our involvement should be, focusing on connections: transportation to development, etc. At one point VJAA did some work for us on connections from the Farmers Market to Target Field, and from Border south to Glenwood. [Link to PDF] Currently connections aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Mr. Frank asked those present for feedback on whether or not, and to what extent, The 2020 Partners should engage with development efforts in the vicinity of the Farmers Market and Royalston Station.

Nick Koch: It fits. We should reach out to Kit Richardson [who was among a group of developers at a previous 2020 Partners meeting who asked if an LRT train could go through, i.e. inside, a mixed-use development]. One of the key development issues at the Royalston Station is how “development-friendly” it will be from a planning and development perspective. Transit and development can be in close proximity and should have minimal barriers separating the two. The planning of the Royalston station should be done in conjunction with the overall redevelopment plan for the area based on food, energy and transit.

Karen Rosar: Start with the bones, and the frilly design will come later. We need the structure first. This area is addressed in the North Loop Small Area Plan.

Alice Eichholz: It will be a hub. Can’t imagine not being involved.

Duane Peterson: The businesses around the Farmers Market have done a lot of studies on Royalston. They thought Glenwood Avenue would be a good route. Putting the LRT station in front of existing businesses is not a good plan. Work should be done with the City and Met Council to arrive at a workable solution.

David Frank concluded the discussion by quoting Ralph Strangis, who made the following comment at the Steering Committee meeting: “We inspire; others cause to occur.”

5.     Minnesota Ballpark Authority: Public Art at the Interchange – Dan Kenney, Executive Director, Minnesota Ballpark Authority

Mr. Kenney began by thanking those in attendance who are part of the selection panel, chaired by Joan Campbell. He reported that five artists have been selected and are working on proposals for four different areas: granite bench, granite walls, cisterns and bike racks. The RFP responses are due on July 24, and the selection panel will meet on July 26 to review the submissions, interview the artists and make selections. The art will be in place by April 2014. Mr. Kenney added his thanks to the Interchange Project Office, which has been helpful in answering questions posed by the artists.

6.     Property Development Updates

a. United Properties – John Saunders said at the Steering Committee meeting that there is nothing new to report at this time.


b. Hines – Mr. Frank reported that Dock Street is on track. Pre-leasing has begun and the website is live [http://dockstreetflats.com/].

c. 222 Hennepin Apartments/Whole Foods Market – Mr. Frank reported that initial move-ins will take place the first week in August, and Whole Foods will open on September 25.

7.     Target Center Improvements – No report.

8.     Minnesota Twins – No report.

9.     Neighbor Updates

Carletta Sweet: As an alternate director on the Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership, she announced the upcoming Riverfront Festival at “No Name” Park on Friday, July 26, and distributed several flyers to interested parties. Alice Eichholz added that the event will be cool because they will map out on the ground what the park will look like. Even though it looks like a pocket park it’s actually a good size space.

Neil Reardon: UrbanWorks Architecture is working on an urban design vision plan for what they refer to as “The Other North Loop” [aka Lower North Loop; link to map]. This is a project that UrbanWorks is doing on our own to create some positive momentum for this part of our city. They will involve a number of stakeholders including the property owners, and then roll it out to the public later this year. Currently they are doing preliminary design work and gathering information.

Alice Eichholz: The North Loop Neighborhood Association and Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association have formed a subcommittee to research the possibility and feasibility of a downtown Minneapolis elementary school. Starting in September they will be conducting surveys to determine how many children are living in downtown neighborhoods, if they would attend the school, whether or not families would continue to live in downtown neighborhoods if there was a downtown school, etc. They expect to report their findings in November.

Dale White: ProBid is offering a program to help disadvantaged small businesses and trades learn how to bid contracts. Starting Tuesday, August 6, ProBid will offer the first of 8 classes in how to build strong, rewarding relationships with the City of Saint Paul as well as other government and commercial customers, and how to successfully and profitably bid on their projects. Classes will be held at Minneapolis Builders Exchange and tuition is free due to sponsorship by the City of Saint Paul Department of Human Rights and Equal Economic Opportunity (HREEO). For more information: http://www.probidtraining.com/.

Karen Rosar: The North Loop Neighborhood Association, together with the Park Board and others, is seeking members of the community and stakeholders to form a steering committee to advance the cause of a neighborhood park. Interested parties can contact David Frank or Karen Rosar.

10.  2020 Partners Website / Map of Development Since 2006 – Marsha Wagner presented a new feature on our website, a map highlighting some of the business, residential, and economic development projects that have occurred in The 2020 Partners area since 2006, the year the legislation to build Target Field was enacted. Members of The 2020 Partners were encouraged to explore the map, and send edits, corrections and new developments/additions to Ms. Wagner. When asked about capturing the number of development dollars these projects are worth, Mr. Frank said that those are being determined and that feature will be added when we have that information. [http://the2020partners.com/map/]

Before closing the meeting, Mr. Frank said that he was happy to see Chuck Leer in attendance, and expressed his personal hope that Mr. Leer would return as Chair of The 2020 Partners Steering Committee.

11.  2020 Partners Meeting Schedule

The next meeting of the 2020 Partners will be on Tuesday, September 17, 2013.

The last scheduled meeting date in 2013 is November 19. All meetings will be held at HGA’s office in the Ford Center, from 5:00-6:30 p.m., unless otherwise specified in the meeting notices.


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