Minutes for October 23, 2012

 2020 Partners Membership Meeting
HGA, Ford Center

Meeting Minutes – Approved by Members on 1/15/13

Attendees: Paul Adelmann, Dave Albersman, Chris Beckwith, Susan Braun, Matt Clark, Raymond Dehn, Alice Eichholz, Brent Erickson, David Frank, Adele Hall, Nadia Hasan, George Holden, Denise Holt, Kim Kalinoski, Dan Kenney, Bruce Lambrecht, David Loehr, Sherman Malkerson, Kelly Nelson, Mark Oyaas, Duane Petersen, Robert Pfefferle, Kit Richardson, Peter Roos, Karen Rosar, John Saunders, Joel Shapiro, Ralph Strangis, Carletta Sweet, Albert Swintek, Marsha Wagner, Katie Walker, Dale White

1.   Welcome and Introductions – David Frank

  • David Frank, acting as temporary chair, offered a greeting from Chuck Leer—who helped start The 2020 Partners—and gave an update on his health challenges, mentioning that Chuck expressed he was envious that we could be here and involved in this work.
  • Mr. Frank announced the addition of two new financial Partners and welcomed new members of the Steering Committee: Bob Pfefferle, Hines; and Ted Johnson, Minnesota Timberwolves.

2.  Approval of Minutes from June 25, 2012 2020 Partners Meeting

Draft minutes were approved and have been posted on The 2020 Partners website. Mark Oyaas added a comment that The 2020 Partners’ website contains a wealth of information and encouraged everyone to check it out.

3.  Transit Development Updates

a.  Interchange Project Update – Commissioner Peter McLaughlin was not at the meeting, so David Frank reported.
Hennepin County is close to being done with Knutson, and are on-time for an early 2014 completion of the project. The intersection of Fifth Street and Sixth Avenue is being reworked. He quoted Commissioner McLaughlin: “It’s been a great month for Southwest LRT. The $2 million bonding bill was approved, and the White House has designated the project as expedited.” The Draft Environmental Impact Statement is out, with public meetings coming soon. The Ramsey Station of Northstar will open soon.

b.  Farmers Market: Station Area Planning for SWLRT – Katie Walker, Senior Administrative Manager, Southwest LRT Community Works
Katie Walker presented on Transitional Station Area Action Plans (TSAAP), which will guide how we get “there” from “here”. The Southwest LRT line affects and involves six cities, the Farmers Market area, Metro Transit and Metropolitan Council. SWLRT is part of the Corridors of Opportunity (CoO) initiative, which focuses on access to jobs, transit-oriented development, and housing choice. TSAAP bridges the gap between what exists today and the project opening day in 2018, setting the table for future development. Components include access and circulation plans, infrastructure plan, public outreach/engagement, and storm water management, all folding into an infrastructure plan with will lead to an action plan. TSAAP builds on related work that influences the future and integrates LRT engineering and land use. In the next 9-12 months they will be visiting with city partners and holding public meetings.

Q: 2018 – is that when the Plan is done?
A: TSAAP will be completed in 9-12 months, by mid- to late-summer 2013. LRT will be running in 2018, with the entire line opening at one time, not incrementally.

Q: You stated this is a national model. How much sooner would it happen without initiating this process?
A: Reference to national model comes from Corridors of Opportunity. We received an $800,000 grant; part of that funding is to help TSAAP, which is intended to become a national model for integrating engineering and land use development early in the process. Example: A traction power substation was located in an area that the city wanted to develop. Working with the Met Council they are now moving it inside a nearby building. It would have been easier and more economical to do in 2008-09. This process allows for conversations early in the engineering process when it is easier to make changes; they are more difficult and costly to make later.

Ms. Walker’s presentation is available on The 2020 Partners website: SWLRT.

c.  Central Corridor – Christine Beckwith, Deputy Project Director-MetroTransit, Central Corridor Project Office
Christine Beckwith presented a Central Corridor Light Rail Transit (CCLRT) Construction Update. She gave an overview of the Green Line route and stations. The project was 74% complete at the end of August. The Union Depot Station, a retrofit of an existing building, is complete, and the Robert Street Station is almost done. Systems are really ramping up, installing communications cable. The first light rail vehicle arrived in the Twin Cities on October 10.

Q: Where do workers and materials come from?
A: In Minnesota, more than 95% of counties are represented. One contractor, Walsh, is from Chicago so they have brought in some workers but also sub work to local contractors. This is a Buy America project, so materials come from all over the country.

Ms. Beckwith’s presentation, broken down into three parts due to the large file size, can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

4.  Property Development Updates

a.  United Properties – John Saunders

  • United Properties is the owner of the Ford Center. Having just signed three new leases, the building is now 99.5% leased. One of the new tenants is KTwin Radio, which will broadcast Twins games from a studio on the corner of Fifth Street and Fifth Avenue, making for a very cool and vibrant addition to the game day experience. The other new tenants are Agosto (IT) and Atomic Playpen (web design). That remaining 550 square feet will become a food service amenity/sandwich shop.
  • United Properties also bought the former HGA Building located at 701 Washington. The top two floors have been leased to RJM Construction. They are looking for a restaurant to move into the annex portion of the building, where The 2020 Partners formerly met.

b.  Hines Update – Bob Pfefferle

Dock Street Apartments, a 185 unit apartment building with retail and parking, broke ground in September, and pile driving was to begin the week of October 22. This development supports the notion that this is “more than a ballpark district.” A photo of the groundbreaking and two renderings have been posted on The 2020 Partners website: Dock Street.

5.  Target Center Implementation Update – David Frank

The first meeting of the Target Center Implementation Committee (TCIC) was held on Thursday, October 18, at Target Center. The City of Minneapolis is negotiating on the scope and cost of renovations – who will pay what. They are hoping to have enough information on this project to put it on the agenda for the City Council’s December budget meeting. Once it is approved, the City will put out an RFP for project contractor and design.

Karen Rosar, Vice President of the North Loop Neighborhood Association and member of the TCIC reported that at the October 18 meeting they listened to visions of the involved parties, and were asked to prioritize the various components.

6.  Vikings Stadium Update – David Frank

At the 2020 Partners meeting on June 25, there was some discussion on the involvement of the 2020 Partners in the Viking Stadium at the Metrodome site, and whether or not we should expand our geographic boundaries to that neighborhood. No conclusion was reached at that meeting, so the Steering Committee took it under advisement. The Steering Committee decided that the 2020 Partners will not be involved because it would be too large a dilution of our focus. The 2020 Partners will be available in a consulting role, as a resource to share our experiences.

7.  North Loop Park – David Frank

As a neighborhood, the North Loop keeps upping the ante: adding trees on Washington Avenue, and a new playground on River Road. With money from NRP and the Minnesota Twins, the North Loop Neighborhood Association has hired a consultant to study the feasibility of locating a neighborhood park. For further information, or if you would like to be involved: North Loop.

Karen Rosar added that the North Loop is the fastest-growing Minneapolis neighborhood. In 2000 there were 1500 residents; that increased to 4300 in 2010. She asked the 2020 Partners to ponder these questions in regard to the North Loop park: guiding principles, criteria for location, finance, and maintenance.

David Loehr from HGA inquired about the Downtown 2025 Plan, wondering if the 2020 Partners has official representation the Committees. The Steering Committee will consider this question at its next meeting.

8.  2020 Partners Meeting Schedule

The next meeting of the 2020 Partners will be on Tuesday, January 15, 2013. Other dates in 2013 (third Tuesday of alternate months) are: March 19, May 21, July 16, September 17, November 19. All meetings will be held at HGA’s office in the Ford Center.


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