Minutes for Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2020 Partners Meeting
HGA, Ford Center

Meeting Minutes – Draft

Attendees: Loren Ahles, Eric Amel, Mark and Lisa Anderson, Chuck Ballentine, Terrance Bartlett, Bill Blanski, Troy Blizard, Susan Braun, Jackie Cherryhomes-Tyler, Matt Clark, Raymond Dehn, Dan Duffy, Alice Eichholz, Brent Erickson, Jamil Ford, David Frank, Reed Gilkey, David Graham, DJ Heinle, George Holden, Denise Holt, Kim Kalinoski, Joanne Kaufman, Dan Kenney, David Kingman, Ryan Kronzer, Chuck Leer, Craig Lenning, David Loehr, Ted Lofstrom, Andy McDermott, Dennis Meyer, Luke Olson, Mark Oyaas, Kit Richardson, Peter Roos, Karen Rosar, LJ Rotman, Bob Salmen, John Saunders, Gregory Schweich, Ion Skillrud, David Spillman, Mark Stenglein, Ralph Strangis, Carletta Sweet, Marsha Wagner, Dale White

1.   Welcome and Introductions

2.   Motion was made and seconded to approve The 2020 Partners Charter. Key points:
       1.  Consensus-based decision-making will be pursued at all times.
       2.  Membership is open to any person or organization, public or private.
       3.  No dues or fees shall be required for membership.

3.   2020 Partners Budget for 2012 – Chuck Leer

  • The current balance in the 2020 Partners account is $25,758.16. Since we have sufficient resources on hand to cover the projected budget for 2012, at this time we do not have to make a call for funding from our partners this year. If the 2020 Partners Steering Committee decides to expand the scope of work for 2012, we may need to go back to the funding partners.
  • The projected budget for 2012 is:
         Administrative and Meeting Planning – $12,000
         Website: Interactive Map – 5,000
         Website: Maintenance – 5,000
         Total – $22,000

4.   Interchange Update – Chuck Ballentine, Interchange Project Office

  • There will be a public hearing at the Heywood Garage. They anticipate a finding of No Significant Impact. 2020 Partners are welcome to attend, but it’s not necessary.
  • Environmental Assessment is posted on the Interchange website. They are seeking comments and suggestions. There are no large environmental issues with the project.
  • Design/Build: Four firms are working on proposals, which will be reviewed by the Design Review Board, then forwarded to the County Board.
  • Hennepin County Board is scheduled to vote on the Project on April 3. A concern is that only 55% of the project cost has been committed.
  • On the positive side, the Interchange received a $10 million Transportation Improvement Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) grant, plus there are other grants and possibilities that are being sought.
  • Although the Interchange Project was not in Governor Dayton’s bonding bill, there will be legislation asking for financial help. There have also been discussions with the Metropolitan Council about financing from the Metropolitan Council/Metropolitan Transit.
  • They are developing RFPs for naming rights, parking, and a large site suitable for development.

5.    Downtown 2025 Plan

  • Nick Koch queried the audience to see how many had read or heard about the DT 2025 Plan. At least three-fourths of the people in the room had. 
  • The Plan, developed by a team including downtown business leaders, puts forth Ten Big Ideas. 
  • You can find more information, including a link to a downloadable PDF of the Plan, on the website of the Minneapolis Downtown council: http://www.downtownmpls.com/page/show/423275-2025-plan.

6.    Dock Street Apartments Update – David Graham, ESG

  • They are currently in the midst of a long approvals process, meeting the requirements of the Minneapolis Historic Preservation Commission.
  • The building will be low-rise building with brick on the north, containing 185 apartment units, and townhomes on Dock Street, with a series of green parkways. 
  • It is near many amenities, including the Cedar Lake bike trail.
  • They hope to break ground in April or May, with a 14-16 month building schedule.
  • Parking includes 191 stalls on two levels, below grade.
  • There are geotechnical issues. Bedrock is down 15 feet on downtown end of project, but 90 feet down just 150 yards out.
  • Rent will be $2/square foot, on the higher end for urban residential, but not luxury.

Q:    If in the future there’s a plan to reconnect the North Loop with Downtown via Third Street, will the building design shape or modify that plan?
A:    That’s not imminent but also not precluded from happening. In case it does, they have preserved the corridor and space for that eventuality, and there is no building in its path. It’s possible there will be a pedestrian walkway; a road for cars will be difficult to do.

7.    Vikings Stadium Update
With no clear plan for a Vikings stadium site under consideration, Chuck Leer offered his own personal views:

  • A lot has changed since we met in April to take a position on this topic. Arden Hills is probably not going to happen, and Leer classified three sites in Minneapolis as good (Metrodome), better (Linden Avenue) and best (Farmers Market).
  • It is important that the 2020 Partners continue to be involved. There are two aspects to the planning process: policy (city building) and politics (financing). 2020 Partners is strong on the policy side. 
  • The North Loop Neighborhood Association published an analysis of the area, and the 2020 Partners adopted that statement. It relates only to one of the three sites: the Farmers Market site. A link to that document can be found here.

 After discussion, it was clear that we do not have the necessary resources and information to make an informed decision and take a position at this time. Proposals aren’t fleshed out enough to do an evaluation, and data doesn’t exist or isn’t publicly available.

Since timing is a big factor, it was agreed that we move forward with the following
six-step plan put forth by Nick Koch:

       1. Stay engaged
       2. Develop a metric for evaluating criteria
       3. Steering Committee to invite dialogue with Ted Mondale and Hennepin County representatives
       4. Meet with representatives from DeLoitte, if available
       5. Meet with David Albersman
       6. Schedule the next 2020 Partners meeting for February 21

8.   2020 Partners Website Map

  • We are planning to add an interactive map of economic development activity to our website. 
  • The Steering Committee assigned a subcommittee to develop the first layer of points to be added to the map, with other layers to follow.

9.   Following the meeting, Nick Koch gave a guided tour of HGA’s new office.

10. Special meeting on Stadium Metrics: Tuesday, February 21, 2012, in HGA’s Ford Center office.


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