Minutes for Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2020 Partners Meeting

Meeting Minutes – Draft

Attendees: Paul Adelmann, Dave Albersman, Ross Altheimer, Don Armstrong, Chuck Ballentine, Mia Blanchett, Susan Braun, Joan Campbell, Erika Carter, Jackie Cherryhomes-Tyler, Matt Clark, Raymond Dehn, Alice Eichholz, Sandy Forberg, Jamil Ford, David Frank, David Galey, David Graham, Marybeth Harris, Linda Higgins, George Holden, Denise Holt, Barb Johnson, Kim Kalinoski, Dan Kenney, Nick Koch, Brian Lamb, Bruce Lambrecht, Chuck Leer, Daniel Loosbrock, Bill Madden, Peter McLaughlin, Carl Michaud, Sam Newberg, Luke Olson, Mark Oyaas, Duane Petersen, Patrick Phenow, Kit Richardson, Peter Roos, Karen Rosar, LJ Rotman, Don Samuels, John Saunders, Dave St. Peter, Ralph Strangis, Carletta Sweet, Marsha Wagner, Dale White, Jeremy Zoss

1.  Introductions

2.  Draft Minutes from the July 20, 2011 meeting of The 2020 Partners were approved without correction.

3.  Ford Centre Update – John Saunders, United Properties

  • Good news: existing tenant Caldrea has signed a new lease and expanded to take all of the Fifth Floor
  • Ford Centre is 80% leased
  • Hoping to get HGA in building by December

4.  Dock Street Apartments Update – David Graham, ESG; Hines Interests

  • Dock Street Residential is a 6 story building with 185 dwelling units that will serve as a bridge between North Loop and Warehouse District
  • Dock Street creates a roadway that allows people to come in on the back side of Third Avenue; Gateway to Dock Street area
  • Cedar Lake trail runs alongside the building
  • Architecture is clean and simple – essence of Warehouse District in a new and fresh way; large windows
  • Parking access off Third Avenue
  • Contacting Historic Preservation Commission – excited about transit-oriented development in the railyards
    Q: Any plans for commercial development?
    A: There have been discussions about residential mixed use, commercial use

5.  Interchange Update and Advocacy – Peter McLaughlin, Hennepin County Commissioner

  • Southwest Line – Federal government issued a letter authorizing preliminary engineering, making this one of a dozen projects in the country with this status
  • This means that money spent locally will be matched by the Federal government dollar for dollar

Interchange Update and Advocacy – Chuck Ballentine, Interchange Project Office
[View the PPT presentation: http://the2020partners.com/presentations/]

  • EA approval process taking place in September and October
  • Why Design-Build? Shorter timeline – get in the ground faster
  • Schedule:
    2011: Complete Environmental Assessment process, program requirements, and visual quality guidelines; cease LRT operations on tail tracks
    2012: Procure final design and construction services (Design-Build Process); Construction begins: pile driving, foundations and structure for ramp, plaza, and LRT structures
    2013: Complete utility relocations and construction of ramp superstructure; Complete track superstructure, begin signal and power systems rough-in; Begin LRT platform construction and relocation of HERC Administration facilities
    2014: Installation of tail track; LRT systems testing and startup activities; Complete LRT platform, track installation, plaza and construction of tail track; Plaza and LRT platform grand opening prior to Central Corridor LRT service beginning
  • Cost Estimate and Budget: Total project cost $23.6 million, 33% of budget has been secured: Hennepin County Regional Rail Authority $6.7 million, Minnesota Ballpark Authority $1.7 million, State of Minnesota $14.7 million, and FTA $0.5 million
  • Design-Build Process: Two-phase procedure – Request for Qualifications and Request for Proposals
  • Actions to initiate design build: First County Board Resolution (8-16-11); Adopt DB implementation procedures, method of project delivery as appropriate, and two-phase procedure for contract award; Establish process for appointing DB selection panel
  • Phase 1 – RFQ: Appointment of DB selection panel; DB panel makes recommendation on RFQ; RFQ issued (October 2011); DB panel recommends short list of 3-5 firms to County Board; Second County Board Resolution (11-8-11) – adopt short list of 3-5 design builders
  • Phase 2 – RFP: RFP issued (November 2011); DB panel evaluates proposals and recommends contract award; Third County Board Resolution (February 2012) – Award DB contract (after receipt of FONSI)
  • Private Development: Drafting an RFP to measure interest in naming rights for the new plaza next to Target Field; purchase/lease/other for parking; interest in developing retail/commercial/housing at the Interchange

6.  HERC Landscape Design – Mia Blanchett and Ross Altheimer, HGA
[View the PPT presentation: http://the2020partners.com/presentations/]

  • HGA received an Honor Award for Public Landscape Design from the American Society of Landscape Architects-Minnesota for the Hennepin Energy Recovery Center (HERC)
  • “HERC in my back yard”
  • HGA got involved in the project with the Twins ballpark was under construction
  • Original Master Plan showed the scope of work to be 3 acres; a large landscape project
  • 99% of materials used were sourced regionally
  • Artist Chris Baker’s “Waste Not” exhibit for the Nuit Blanche (“White Spark”) Festival was a great success
  • Carl Michaud, HERC, offered his thanks to HGA for their redesign, specifically the challenge of changing the truck route
    Q: Any consideration of doing the light show on an ongoing basis?
    A: Trying to figure that out; need projectors.

7.  Vikings Stadium: April meeting actions – Chuck Leer

At the April meeting of the 2020 Partners they asked for a show of hands in support of a Vikings Stadium in downtown Minneapolis. The majority present responded in the affirmative, leading to continued discussion of this topic, and action at this meeting.

Vikings Stadium: Update – Barb Johnson, Minneapolis City Council President

  • Governor asked Metropolitan Council for a report on the Arden Hills site: problems, costs, how realistic is it – that information as it becomes public will be of interest. Report is due in mid-October.
  • Proposal put forth by Minneapolis Mayor and City Council might need to be refined.
  • Going forward – more discussion in our community.
  • Vikings current proposal includes proceeds from sale of the Metrodome, but some of that is pledged to Minneapolis and Hennepin County ($5 million each)
  • Governor is determined to make sure there is a Vikings Stadium

Vikings Stadium: Proposed Action – Statement in Support of Downtown Stadium

  • Hennepin County has $35 billion real estate value; Minneapolis $9 billion; the Vikings Stadium proposal is $1 billion – where should that be invested?
  • Steering Committee put together a draft Statement in Support that was vetted through a number of people
  • Motion was made and seconded to accept the draft Statement
    Q: Who is the statement to?
    A: Steering Committee has identified anyone specifically. Need to get the word out about a stadium in Minneapolis, not just Arden Hills. Reporters are interested. If we take action, someone else will tell the story.
  • Suggestions: Letter to Governor Dayton; Ted Mondale, Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission Chair; Susan Haigh, Metropolitan Council Chair; Legislators; City Council Members; Hennepin County Board of Commissioners; also Vikings ownership, and invite them to the October meeting of the Steering Committee
  • Show of hands: Unanimous in support of the statement
    Viking Stadium: Forum: Next Steps – Bruce Lambrecht and Dave Albersman
    Item postponed until the next meeting due to shortage of time.

8.  2020 Partners Website Improvements – Chuck Leer

  • Showed photo slide show, addition of text and HGA as sponsor on home page
  • Welcome ideas for content, including more links to other ideas out there
  • Steering Committee will be receiving a proposal for help writing website content

9.  Budget and Funding Update – Chuck Leer

  • Currently have about $31,000
  • Thank you to HGA for $900 donation, and for hosting our meeting

10.  Next regular meeting: Tuesday, November 15, 2011, HGA’s current office


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