Minutes for Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
5:00 – 6:30 PM
Environmental Services Building

2020 Partners Meeting Notes – Draft

Attendees: Dave Albersman, Chuck  Ballentine, Susan Braun, Peter Bruce, Joan  Campbell, Jackie  Cherryhomes-Tyler, Mike  Christenson, Dan Duffy, Alice  Eichholz, Beth  Elliott, Erin  Fitzgerald, Sandy Forberg, Jamil Ford, David Frank, Linda Higgins, George Holden, Denise  Holt, Mark Houge, Barb  Johnson, Kim Kalinoski, Dan  Kenney, Nick  Koch, Steve Kotke, Ryan Kronzer, Bruce  Lambrecht, Chuck Leer, Craig Lenning, Bill  Madden, Peter McLaughlin, Mark  Oyaas, Duane Petersen, Bob Pfefferle, Kit  Richardson, Peter Roos, Karen Rosar, LJ  Rotman, Marcy Schulte, Mark Stenglein, Ralph  Strangis, Carletta  Sweet, Albert Swintek, Jennifer Yoos

  1. Introductions
  2. Farmers Market Vision Study, Graduate Studio, U of M School of Architecture – Jennifer Yoos, AIA, Leed AP, VJA Architects
  • This was a continuation of a previous study
  • Looked at a winter market and summer market
  • Focused on importance of making connections – LRT stop at Royalston and Farmers Market – and providing ways for market to expand
  • Looked at urban markets around the world as a stimulus for other programs
  • Analysis of opportunities
  • Challenges included grade change, barriers
  • Two student projects were presented. The first emphasized hybrid programs: train stop, 4 season function, solar strategies, light and open, green space, and International Market Square – design fairs. The second focused on circulation patterns – roads, service: park or green space, open air market, shading and air flow – tent-like structure in summer.

Comments and questions:

  • Karen Rosar said the Farmers Market Advisory Committee would be interested in this study.
    Peter Bruce suggested putting walking times on maps.
  • Nick Koch said the area is close – 5 minute walk – but there are barriers in place now.
  • Chuck Leer asked how long it would take to walk from Farmers Market to Twins Plaza; can’t be determined now because of physical barriers.
  • Ralph Strangis asked if the space could be looked at in view of a Vikings stadium on the site, and wondered if there was anything the 2020 Partners could to help with future studios. (The next one starts in September.) Jennifer said that they could use reviewers of final presentations.
  • If any members wish to contact Jennifer to volunteer their services: jennifer-yoos@vjaa.com; 612-872-63

      3.   Interchange Update and Advocacy – Peter McLaughlin, Hennepin County Comissioner

  • The Special Session brought good news and bad news.
  • The bad news is that they took $15 million from the County over two years, on base of $90 million annual revenue. And it could get worse. [Note: In November of 2010 the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners approved selling $110 million in general obligation bonds to make a loan to the Counties Transit Improvement Board (CTIB). The bonds will fund capital grants for transit projects in the region over the next two years.]
  • The good news is that although the bonding bill included language that would prevent the Metropolitan Council from spending anything on the Southwest Corridor, that language was removed. Transit received $20 million in the bonding bill, up from $12.5 million that the Governor had proposed.
  • There is a defined list of projects on which that money can be spent. It included the Interchange, but no LRT.
  • We are in a war about trains. The same struggle is going on in Washington over transportation and infrastructure development.
  • We escaped fatal structural damage to the Interchange.
  • Business community has to step up and say that not investing in trains is bad for business and economic development.
  • Southwest Corridor is not ready – waiting for federal investment and approval to begin; it’s not being slowed down by actions of Minnesota Legislature.
  • Commissioner McLaughlin doesn’t think there’s much of a chance there will be a fall Special Session. He reminded us that there’s a major difference between the Twins ballpark proposal and the Vikings proposal: there were zero state dollars in state money used for Target Field.
  • Senator Linda Higgins said there has not been a hearing on the Vikings stadium, no public input; the only ones heard from are the team and Ramsey County. She thinks that since Hennepin County provided the tax dollars for Target Field, the other 86 counties should pay for the Vikings stadium.
  • Commissioner McLaughlin wrapped up by thanking the 2020 Partners for their efforts and phone calls advocating funding for the Interchange, and said Jerry Bell was very helpful. The fact that we received funding didn’t happen by accident.
  • David Frank thanked Peter McLaughlin and Mark Stenglein (both present at the meeting) and Hennepin County.

     4.  Vikings Stadium Update – Minneapolis City Council President Barb Johnson

  • The state contribution is not clear.
  • The City of Minneapolis has had a $24 million cut in local government aid. The challenge for them is to think about needs in the community.
  • Need to sit down with business leaders to discuss where we want to go for the Vikings stadium.
  • Thanked Bruce Lambrecht for presenting his plan for the Farmers Market site. Especially appreciated that the plan doesn’t impinge on the city’s public works facility.

Chuck Leer disclosed that he has been actively involved in land assembly, and has some clients from among the Farmers Market properties.

Bruce Lambrecht said that the Vikings don’t want to deal with multiple landowners.

     5.  Ford Centre Update – John Saunders, United Properties

  • John had a conflict and couldn’t attend the meeting, but emailed these remarks: “The update is that construction is moving along extremely well. We are over 50% finished with the base building improvements, and have started on HGA’s TI’s. HGA is scheduled to move in sometime in mid Fall. Olson’s TI’s will begin soon. We are almost 90% leased with a number of good prospects for the unleased space.”
  • Nick Koch said HGA might be able to host the September meeting in its new space in the Ford Centre.

     6.  Hines Update – Bob Pfefferle

  • Progress has been made and things are moving along well. They have had good meetings with neighborhoods, Minneapolis City Council Member Lisa Goodman, and financial partners.
  • Not all of the financial institutions are on board with the transit interchange, but they are coming around.
  • Coming up with money for the project – Dock Street Apartments – hasn’t been difficult. They have funding now to begin in the spring or summer of 2012.

     7.  Steering Committee Activity – Chuck Leer, North First Ventures, LLC; Chair of 2020 Partners

  • Thanked the following funders of The 2020 Partners for their financial contributions in 2011: Minnesota Twins $10,000; Target Corp. $10,000; Covanta HERC $7,500; CenterPoint Energy $1,000; Warehouse District North Loop Association $1,000; Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association $1,000; Warehouse District Business Association $1,000; Xcel Energy $1,000. 

     8.  2020 Website – Jeff Lin, Founder and Developer, Bust Out Solutions

  • Overview of contents of website and recent changes/additions.
  • Al Swintek said he was looking for information about the 2020 Partners on the website, and didn’t find the charter. Suggested that it be placed in a more obvious place. Jeff suggested summarizing the charter and adding a couple of lines to the home page. He also proposed doing an introductory video that explains what 2020 Partners is and placing that on the home page.
  • Jeff pointed out that the financial partners’ logos on the bottom of the home page contained links to their respective websites. To increase visits to the website, Jeff suggested that these companies and all 2020 Partners members reference the 2020 Partners on their websites or in email signatures.
  • Nick Koch said he likes the simplicity of the website, posting the names of people and organizations involved, topics discussed; it serves as a “memory” of what 2020 Partners has done. He suggested adding a slide show of neighborhoods, and asked that people go out and photograph their neighborhoods and send him the photos. Nick agreed to work on compiling the slide show to be added to the home page on the 2020 Partners website.
  • Denise Holt suggested adding a “Who We Are” tab; this would be a better place for the charter. She also said we have never had a tagline – it could be a consistency point for future iterations, i.e. 2030 Partners.
  • Chuck Leer suggested that Andy McDermott might be able to assist with developing some taglines for consideration by the 2020 Partners.
  • Jeff Lin asked if anyone was interested in writing articles for the website. They could be given access to the website to publish directly, or submit articles for consideration/editing by Marsha Wagner.
  • If any member of 2020 Partners has suggestions about how to improve the website, they are invited to email their suggestions to Jeff Lin: jeff@bustoutsolutions.com, 612-280-5509. Please copy Marsha Wagner on emails: marsha@castlevisions.com.

     9.  Building Community Exhibition – Peter Bruce

Peter is a consultant who specializes in pedestrian traffic studies. He is bringing “Building Community: Visuals and Models of the New Urban Community” to the IDS Center August 15-19. He said that lots of things are old to 2020 Partners, but they are new to the public.

     10. Next regular meeting: Wednesday, September 21, 2011, HGA’s current office


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