Minutes for Monday, June 21, 2010

2020 Partners Meeting Minutes

Monday, June 21, 2010

Attendees: Chuck Ballentine, Jan Callison, Joan Campbell, Erika Carter, Matt Clark, Phil Eckhert, Alice Eicholz, Brent Erikson, Erin Fitzgerald, Jamil Ford, David Frank, George Holden, Linda Higgins, Ed Hunter, Nick Koch, Ryan Kronzer, Bruce Lambrecht, Chuck Leer, Tom Lincoln, Peter McLaughlin, Kit Richardson, Karen Rosar, Kian Sabeti, Marcy Schulte, John Sigmund, Mark Stenglein, Carletta Sweet, Jennifer Yoos, DJ Heinle, George Fantauzza, David Leschak, Dave Dimond, Anita Barnett, Paul Danielson, Mary deLaittre

I. Introductions

II. Approval of Minutes
III. Updates: Peter McLaughlin

  1. SW approved by Met Council and submitted application for preliminary design.
  2. Central is going into final design.
  3. There was no bonding bill at the state so no state funding for TI this time around.
  4. County creating a working group to facilitate communication around the TI. Members include 3 County Commissioners, 3 City representatives, Metro Transit, MNDot, Legislators.
  5. Mary deLaittre will represent 2020 Partners at the SW Station Area planning process
  6. Minneapolis Gateway Project currently being considered by MNDot.

IV. Proposed LRT Project – Ed Hunter/George Fantauzza
Ed gave an overview of current studies to date and future capacity issues. Plans, section and 3-D models were shown for the proposed LRT portion of the TI. The elevated track proposal included a single entry point to LRT platform, public space, parking and skyway.  The final design must be completed by Fall 2011 and construction underway Fall 2012 for a 2014 completion date. An RFQ was released for the EA process. A number of questions were asked – Chair Leer appreciated the questions and pointed out that 2020 Partners could add value by encouraging the creation of a vision of the entire TI.

V. Next meeting August 17

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