2020 Partners Meeting Reminder

Reminder, the next 2020 Partners meeting is scheduled for tomorrow:

Tuesday 4 May 2010 5 PM – 6:30 PM Ford Center 420 5th Street N. 7th Floor Minneapolis

Please RSVP your attendance.

There will be a Twins game at 7 and parking/auto access is limited so try to walk/train/bike if you can.

This meeting is a workshop and we will be making a presentation analyzing existing conditions, proposed ideas and what could be in an effort to show the implications of decisions on the larger transit system and surrounding community, as well as identify potential opportunities for further connections. The goal is to identify organizational priorities for the next year.

On another note, here is a feature article from the University of Minnesota about HERC and the proposal created by U of M students.


Last but not least, please find attached the agenda for tomorrow night and March meeting minutes for your review.

See you tomorrow,

Mary deLaittre Groundwork groundworkcitybuilding.com 612.242.6286

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