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Dear 2020 Partners,

It is confirmed – we are now 2020 Partners, thanks to Nick Koch and his moment of inspiration! In celebration, we are kicking off the new 2020 Partners website – – it is a work in progress, we are still missing a couple of logos, and some editing needs to be done, BUT, if you wouldn’t mind reviewing it and if you see any glaring omissions or errors, please contact me.

A coincidence but fortuitous none the less, an article in Minn Post today discusses development around the new Target Field, quoting many of our members, and concludes with a reference to 2020 Partners and our new name.–_and_dreams_–_away

Happy reading,


Mary deLaittre Groundwork 612.242.6286

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  1. As we launch a new phase of our visions for the North Loop Warehouse District(2010 Partners transforming to 2020 Partners)it is appropriate that we roll out this new website and communication tool. Let’s keep moving forward!

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