Minutes for Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2010 Partners Meeting Notes

Tuesday, March 16, 2010
5:00 PM – 5:45 PM
Environmental Services Building
Ground Floor Conference Room
417 North 5th Street
Minneapolis, MN

Attendees: Bill Blanski, Joan Campbell, Erica Carter, Raymond Dehn, Michael Doyle, Alice Eicholz, Erin Fitzgerald, Jamil Ford, David Frank, George Holden, Denise Holt, Nick Koch, Steve Kottke, Ryan Krozner, Andy McDermott, Robert Pfefferle, Kit Richardson, Mark Oyaas, Karen Rosar, LJ Rotman, Bob Salmen, John Sigmond, Dave St. Peter, Carletta Sweet, Gregory Scott, John Hunsicker, Kathryn Klatt, Jeffry Mandyck Chuck Leer, Leah Swartz

**A reminder to everyone to please sign-in as you arrive to each meeting in order for us to record attendance. ~Thank you.


Chuck Leer welcomes the group to the last 2010 Partners Meeting (as 2010 Partners). Introductions are made around the room. Minutes are approved with one minor correction.

Target Field Opening Day Update-Dave St. Peter:

Mark your calendar for the following “practice runs”:

  • March 22 – MN Gopher Game
  • April 2 & 3 – preseason games (about 2000 tickets still available/expecting 40,000 seat sell-out)
  • April 5 – season opener in Anaheim
  • April 7 – Public Officials Open House
  • April 10 – World Premier Charity Event
  • April 12 – home season opener versus Red Sox
  • First four games are sold out; weather is shaping up; systems are getting in place

Minneapolis Gateway Update-Dave St. Peter:

  • Plans to meet with the commissioner the next morning; very hopeful in moving forward.

Target Plaza Grand Opening Event-Dan Kenny:

  • Took place March 13; wonderful event with lots of people milling around
  • Dave St. Peter adds the event was truly an “urban scene”

Transportation Interchange Bonding Bill:

  • Entire bill vetoed, but its back on the table and we will be pushing ahead with it
  • One of 2010 Partners “key items”

HERC communication piece:

  • An opportunity has come forth to respond to groups such as Neighbors Against the Burner and articles such as “A Frank Talk on Hotdogs” which are “perpetuating public dribble.”
  • The need to continue to tell the “real story” as often as we can is prevalent.

Draft website-Chuck Leer:

  • Chuck presents the draft format of the website including an archive, working plan, portfolio, presentations, community, blog, and contact information options.
  • Links to other related websites would be available – such as the North Loop Neighborhood Association, development projects, etc.
  • Kit Richardson suggests a link to listen to Twins Games live.

Budget-Chuck Leer

  • Chuck’s immediate goal is to raise $10,000 (to be added to the $30,000 that has previously been raised for 2010; $8,500 has successfully been raised so far; this is enough funding to get us through April
  • Contributors include: United Properties, Land Partners, Equity Financial, Schaefer-Richardson, Xcel Energy, Warehouse District Business Association, and the North Loop Neighborhood Association.
  • Another $60,000 is needed to get us through the end of the year

Proposed New North Loop Park:

  • Wendy Holmes (North Loop Planning & Zoning Committee, Minneapolis Parks Foundation Board Member) and Cecily Hines (Minneapolis Parks Foundation President) present a proposal for a new kids’ park to be located at 4th and River Road. The effort is a collaboration among the Minneapolis Parks Foundation, the Minneapolis Parks Board, and the North Loop Neighborhood Association.
  • The park will have a milling and lumber theme with two areas: one for 0-6 year olds, the other for 7-12 year olds.
  • 150 kids under the age of 6 currently live in the neighborhood-not including the number of nieces, nephews, and grandchildren come to visit the residents. Other non-resident families also visit the neighborhood.
  • $100,000 needs to be raised to construct the park.
  • For more information, see http://mplsparksfoundation.org/index.php?contentID=1723

Naming Competition:


  • The steering committee voted (rank-choice) on the 40 names submitted.
  • It is noted that Mark Oyaas did “a damn good job choosing 2010 Partners.”
  • City Building Partners, 2020 Partners, and Gateway Partners were the options for the group to discuss. Several individuals commented on the options.
  • 2020 Partners is the winner. 

Other Business:

  • Jamil Ford discusses a potential tour to be led by a landscape architect from Elliott Hendrickson to discuss pedestrian issues along the corridor; public input is requested; walk and talk tour will probably take place sometime in April- date and time will be forwarded when more information is collected
  • North Loop went to planning commission-Beth Elliott thanks everyone for their input
  • Kit Richardson makes a motion to come up with a better name than “Transportation Interchange”; the name is un-inspiring and suggests traffic, cars, interstate, etc.; to be further discussed at next meeting
  • Karen Rosar suggests the group returns to discussions regarding street cars since the City “has taken it off the shelf”; Beth Elliott clarifies that the City took it off the shelf to “put it on the table and do something with it”

Mark your calendars:  The first 2020 Partners meeting is TUESDAY, MAY 4, 2010. (The group is taking April off.)

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