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Dear 2010 Partners Members,

Just as 2010 Partners promotes collaboration (and a comprehensive integrated approach) as critical to the process of city building, so too does the FTA – please click on their newly launched website to see what their new partnerships with HUD and the EPA will be, all in an effort to create a more well-rounded approach to creating communities.

Also check out the attached article about Eco Districts, brought to our attention by David Frank. What is interesting about the article is the criteria for an eco- district – of which we meet/will meet three of the four – on-site energy generation (HERC waste to energy), district heating (and cooling – also HERC) and transit.

Finally, don’t forget to submit your ideas for a new name for 2010 Partners and an available domain name. Submissions due by Wednesday, 10 March – we have already had many good submissions!

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