Minutes for Tuesday 27 September 2009

2010 Partners Meeting Notes

Tuesday 27 September 2009

5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Environmental Services Building

Ground Floor Conference Room

417 North 5th Street

Minneapolis, MN

Attendees: Paul Adelmann, Chuck Ballentine, Deb Brisk, Joan Campbell, Raymond Dehn, Steve Dietz, Michael Doyle, Phil Eckhert, Beth Elliott, Derwin Fitch, Patricia Fitzgerald, Jamil Ford, David Frank, Katie Hatt, Linda Higgins, Wendy Holmes, Denise Holt, Dan Kenney, Nick Koch, DJ Heinle, Kris Arneson, George Holden, Amanda Kushner, Bill Madden, Peter McLaughlin, Carl Michaud, Matthew Sand, Marcy Schulte, John Sigmond, Dave St. Peter, Kian Sabeti, Trudy Richter, Chuck Leer, Mary deLaittre, Leah Swartz


Chuck Leer opens the meeting by thanking everyone for giving up our one day of fall. Attendees go around the room and introduce themselves. Minutes from previous meeting are approved.

Northstar/ LRT Celebration Update- Commissioner McLaughlin:

  • On Saturday, November 14, 2009 from 10:30am-5pm a Public Celebration will be held for the North Star Opening at Target Field Plaza on Fifth Street (Fifth Street will be closed for event); first North Star line leaves Big Lake at 11:15am while Hiawatha line leaves Public Celebration location; ceremonies will take place at each stop; “the media has been spectacular covering this”
  • Monday, November 16, 2009 is the North Star Opening for regular service contributing to the 250 rail arrival and departures that will take place each day

Public Realm Investment Update– Commissioner McLaughlin

  • To date, local private and public investors have donated $53.1 million to the Transportation Interchange efforts reaching beyond the ballpark for pedestrians, bikers, etc. (not including the $19 million cost of the bridge structure over the freeway or the $25 million cost of LRT extension)
  • Investors include: Minnesota Ballpark Authority ($3.7 million), Minnesota Twins ($19 million) Minnesota Twins/ Target Corp ($9 million), Hennepin County ($1.9 million), the City ($3.3 million), MnDOT/ City ($15 million), Federal Stimulus ($1.2 million)
  • Local investment “has gotten their attention in Washington” and we are now asking for state bonding and federal authorization

HERC Conditional Use Permit Update- John Sigmond

  • John reports that environmental reviews are taking place and more direction should be defined by next meeting
  • Chuck Leer inquires if 2010 Partners should be doing anything at this time; John suggests that help will be needed at future public hearings, but no action is currently needed

Master Plan Update- Beth Elliott:

  • Beth explains a North Loop meeting took place in September with about 75 attendees; good information was gathered and a report is currently being written up including all research which the advisory committee will have “first crack at”
  • Starting at the end of November and lasting through the holiday will be a 45 day public review period including a Wiki-Pilot project (a third party website for people to read and edit on document on their own time)
  • Planning Review will begin early 2010

Proposed Historic Districts Merger Discussion- Beth Elliott:

  • Dates to Remember:

November 5 public hearing to determine designation/ to be acted on by City Council

November 19 new design guidelines meeting (Zoning and Planning)

December 1 document available for public review

December 8 Heritage Preservation meeting to hold business meeting

Early January public hearing for design guidelines (usually done separate, but group wants to get ahead on guidelines)

  • Beth reports concerns regarding the designation described at the Developers’ Forum and several attendees contributed to these concerns which include potential prohibition of contemporary building materials and styles, obstruction of view corridors, connections to the marketplace, location and square footage of new facility, etc.
  • An overall sense that rushing the designation is felt
  • Patricia Fitzgerald suggests more time to digest feedback and work on both the designation and guidelines would be beneficial.
  • David Frank asks how much time would be needed?
  • Chuck Leer suggests that a timeline is currently undetermined, but the county will benefit if designation and guidelines were better aligned
  • Beth Elliott explains the 3 Subareas: 19th Century Historic Area, the Railyard Subarea, and the 20th Century Warehouse Area; each subarea will need guideline nuances due to the characteristics- time is needed for this
  • Chuck Ballentine suggests that not all details have to be determined- some “loose language” could be in place; a 7-8 month delay is proposed
  • Peter McLaughlin reminds attendees of the State of Minnesota’s Freight and Passenger Rail Plan (to be done in January 2010) has not yet been adopted, but is being planned for and should be reflected in the design guidelines.
  • Beth Elliott suggests contacting Brian Schaeffer
  • Chuck Leer reports the HPC has received a letter from 2010 Partners suggesting this be addressed.
  • David Frank proposes that 2010 Partners urge Mr. Schaeffer and the City Council to delay the designation until the guidelines can be aligned- or- to add language to the designation that guidelines can be flexible for future transit planning.
  • Mary deLaittre adds that all planning should be coordinated before resolutions are made.
  • More conversation takes place with attendees contributing to the sense that there simply is not enough time for a resolution that makes sense, including the following sentiments:
    • “That’s what (2010) is about- best practices, and we should time it to align.” (NK)
    • “The districts have been what they are for twenty years- the interchange and related development are moving forward…its logical to wait until we have partnerships, a design, etc.- then something real is put together to influence the guidelines…” (PE)
    • “It will be interesting to see the interplay that works out with the City on Thursday; the City should have most interest in the benefits of the development- not impede it.” (PE)
    • “2010 looks at the big picture as a whole- not just an interchange.” (DK)
    • “This shouldn’t get in the way of something great, we don’t want to impose a ceiling.” (CL)
    • “Heritage Preservation has done great work, but it is a new day and we need to make room for it.” (JC)
    • Chuck Leer states that a message should be delivered next Thursday to demonstrate 2010’s position: It is time to step forward. Chuck summarizes; Nick takes notes on summarization and suggests the executive steering committee will word the statement appropriately.

Second Avenue and Third Avenue Design Updates- Dan Kenny reports:

  • Second Avenue retaining wall, sidewalk, and pedestrian lights to go up in the next couple of weeks
  • Third Avenue to have 18 pedestrian lights and 24 trees added to plan
  • Seventh Street to have been wrapped up over the weekend
  • MnDOT does not want trees in the median unless raised planting beds are introduced, but there is currently no capital for raised beds
  • Lights under skyway pose maintenance issue- City partner is currently working on issue

Beyond Opening Day- Chuck Leer:

  • April 12, 2010 is Opening Day; 3-4 meetings will be held between now and then
  • It is suggested that an agenda or priorities will be set for these meetings to reiterate goals.

Proposed Future Meeting Dates:

  • Tuesday, December 1, 2009
  • 12 January, 2010
  • 9 February, 2010
  • 16 March, 2010

WHAT’S NEXT for 2010 Partners?! Conversation to start November meeting…

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