Minutes for Tuesday 15 September 2009

2010 Partners Meeting Notes

Tuesday 15 September 2009

5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Environmental Services Building

Ground Floor Conference Room

417 North 5th Street

Minneapolis, MN

Attendees: Carletta Sweet, Karen Lee Rosar, Bob Salmen, Marybeth Harris, John Sigmund, Ellie Booth, Craig Lenning, Beth Elliot, John Saunders, Chuck Leer, Steve Berg, Marcy Schulte, Bob Pfefferle, Mark Stenglein, Katie Hatt, Jerry Pittman, Phil Eckhert, Jamil Ford, Nick Koch, Patricia Fitzgerald, Bill Madden, Peter McLaughlin, Durwin Fitch, Alice Eichholz, Leah Swartz, Matt Sand, David Frank, LJ Rotman, Dave St. Peter, Mark Oyaas, Dan Kenney, Mike Christenson, Bill Blanski, Erika Carter, Deb Brisk, Joel Shapiro, Paul Adelman, Chuck Ballentine, Erin Fitzgerald, Kit Richardson, Mary deLaittre.


Chuck Leer opens the meeting.  Attendees go around the room and introduce themselves.  The meeting agenda is described briefly.

Historic District Merger:

  • Chuck Leer discusses the Steering Committee’s concern that the merger between local and national historic districts will pose problems for the development of the proposed transit hub.  The main concern is that regulations and guidelines pertaining to historic preservation could create difficulties and would not be in the public’s best interest considering the potential growth opportunities associated with the transit hub.
  • Beth Elliot with CPED, who briefly describes the merger, explains that the multi- modal station is already located within the district(s), meaning a historical review of the site will automatically take place regardless of concerns.
  • Chuck Leer explains that the Steering Committee recommends 2010 Partners register the concerns with the City.  A call for consensus is made.  The decision is unanimous in favor of the action item.
  • The Steering Committee is to prepare a letter to the appropriate city agency.

2nd Avenue Design Proposal:

  • Mary deLaittre presents the site diagrams created (pro bono) by VJAA as a result of a couple “walk- abouts” performed by Mary, Dan Kenney, and VJAA representatives
  • The challenges of physical and visual borders and edges are highlighted.  The proposals are for visual and noise separation and include trees, medians, walks, scrims/rails, bike racks and lighting.
  • Dan Kenney from the Ball Park Authority reports that $350,000 has been dedicated to this effort as these paths are the “gateways to the ball park and transit facilities” and that work is “in progress.” (not including lighting or scrims)
  • A question is raised whether or not MNDOT will contribute to the efforts.
  • Kit Richardson suggests the Tree Commission, Public Works, the North Loop Association and MNDOT partner to plant and maintain these spaces.  Richardson suggests adding as much green as possible to help manage stormwater runoff- which is advantageous to everyone.
  • Questions are asked regarding:

How designers can get to the table in terms of “the next step.”

Other opportunities for pro bono work?  Potential of a design charette?

How can key areas/ specifics be identified so pro bono work can be aligned?

  • Chuck Leer explains the next step is for the Steering Committee to identify resources to move forward with the goals of 2010 Partners- as the Committee discussed the previous day.  This includes identifying who can step- up, who should be brought to the table, the exploration of new possibilities, discussions regarding federal stimulus money, and other potentials.
  • A call for consensus is made.  The decision is unanimous in favor of the action item.
  • The Steering Committee will move forward with the proposal.

Master Plan:

  • Beth Elliot of CPED gives a brief update of the Master Plan.
  • Master Plan is in the draft stages.
  • A Committee Meeting was to take place the following Thursday, September 24 at 4:30 PM at the Curry Maintenance Facility to discuss a connection to Glenwood, development intensity, etc.
  • Mary deLaittre will forward email with date, time and location.

HERC Update:

  • Commissioner McLaughlin reports on HERC site improvements.
  • Improvements include the façade facing the baseball stadium; cleaning up the truck entrance/ exit location; planter installation scheduled for October; trees delivered for greening effort.
  • Efforts being made in preparation for the November North Star opening.
  • HERC currently in fall shut- down.
  • Plans to modify the conditional use permit for additional 12% energy output in progress.
  • Kit Richardson comments on the significance of embracing and celebrating the connection of HERC to the ballpark.  Richardson discusses the branding opportunity in terms of environmental stewardship and suggests providing energy production read- outs on the scoreboard during games (for example.)  “…tell the story.”
  • Dan Kenney speaks of the Seventh Street Improvements with suggestions including removing dead trees/ shrubs and replacing with new; providing new street lighting; replacing or refinishing the existing black fence to match other fencing.
  • It is also suggested to create HERC educational signage.
  • Fixing the 7th street/Olson Memorial intersection is mentioned, but it is explained that the future line location will need to be determined first.

3rd Avenue Design Plan:

  • Dan Kenney reports that City Public Works is planning for twenty- four (24) trees and eighteen (18) lantern- style, double- head lights (as seen along Washington Avenue)  to be added.
  • Lighting will also be added to the garage at pedestrian level.
  • It is reported that the North Loop Gardening Group is working to clean- up 3rd Avenue and Washington Avenue.  A pro bono design has been created.  The site belongs to MNDOT, and the Gardening Group would like to be connected with MNDOT for design estimates.

Transit Collaboration:

  • Dave St. Peter discusses the Twins’ Commitment to transit and the collaborative nature of their efforts.
  • St. Peter mentions transit will be promoted by the baseball team with the MET Council.
  • Vertical circulation and platform naming rights:  Target Field Station
  • David Frank thanks St. Peter for the people who live, work, and invest in the neighborhood.
  • Mike Christenson thanks St. Peter for the City.
  • Christiansen suggests 2010 Partners organize a “contributing efforts delivery system.”
  • Other future amenities for neighborhood are discussed: Hall of Fame Museum, kid zones, etc.  It is suggested these ideas could be considered, but in a future phase.
  • On the night of October 5, the lights will be on for 100 hours.
  • Adam Harrington from Metro Transit to head effort regarding a commitment from agencies to organize return services.  (North Star, bus system, etc.)
  • Questions are asked regarding how local businesses are promoting the City.  How is the Downtown Improvement District involved?  Can informed ambassadors for the City be incorporated?
  • Local business involvement and related topics will be discussed at the next Steering Committee meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 14.  (Beth Elliot to meet with Mike Christenson ahead of time, and will report to 2010 Partners.)

Transportation Interchange Presentation:

  • Commissioner McLaughlin summarizes “Creating a New Transportation Interchange”- as presented by Hennepin County for the Minnesota House Capital Investment Committee Rail and Transit Bonding Tour.  (Associated literature handed out)
  • The concepts are not “all- of- a- sudden ideas”- research has been done, progress has been made.
  • The opportunity to create two new regional urban centers is underway- the other located downtown St. Paul.  (still in research phase)
  • 2030 plan for passenger rail network is in place.
  • Thanks to Mary deLaittre and her firm for all her hard work!!
  • It is reported that the $130 million authorization request is not top priority right now.
  • USDOT, USEPA, and HUD are to work on integrated development projects including housing in close proximity to transit (rather than continuing with individual development activity).  Another 18 months is estimated for authorization.  Some money is available now to be able to continue.
  • A question is asked regarding abandoned railroads.  MNDOT is to address/ Rail Authority is now in place.  Organization wants to reach out, but not spread too thin.
  • David Frank suggests that 2010 Partners take an official position in favor of the Southwest LRT line ending “here,” meaning the aforementioned interchange.  Agreement is unanimous.
  • Discussion regarding the Kennellworth and Remington alignment takes place.   The alignment is actually the same, but the Kennelworth will cost a considerable amount more to build and operate.

Energy District:

  • With little time left in the meeting, Chuck Leer explains work continues on the planning of a Clean Energy District including defining what it is and how it will evolve.
  • The Clean Energy District will be discussed more in the future.  (Transportation is currently at the forefront.)

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, October 27, 5 PM

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