Minutes for Tuesday 9 December 2008

2010 Partners Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, 9 December, 2008
5:30 – 6:30 pm
Downtown Minneapolis Library

Present: Peter McLaughlin, Chuck Ballentine, Mark Oyaas, Dan Kenney, Karen Rosar, David Frank, Bruce Lambrecht, Phil Eckhert, Chuck Leer, Matt Clark, Nick Koch, Durwin Fitch, Andy McDermott, Raymond Dehn, Bill Blanski, LJ Rotman, Bill Madden, Joan Campbell, Beth Elliot, Dustin Maddy, John Sigmond, Michelle Bruch, Jamil Ford, Joe Grunnet, John Saunders, Michael Seebinger, Ralph Strangis, Linda Higgins, Aaron Hagar, Joel Shapiro, Bill Chopp, Bobby Champion, Alice Eicholz, Brent Erickson, Katie Hatt, Wendy Holmes, Michael Logan, Rich Rovang, Mary deLaittre


Transit Hub Presentation and Question and Answer – HDR
Phil Eckert introduced the concept of the Inter-modal Transit Hub, and the HDR led workshop and conceptual plan for the facility.  Deb Brisk and David Taylor of HDR made a formal presentation – a condensed version of the presentation made November 21, 2008 and posted on the Hennepin County website:


A report of the process and HDR recommendations will be created by the end of December, 2008 and a proposal for funding will be submitted to Congressman Oberstar for review by February, 2009.

Commissioner McLaughlin outlined the larger process for State and Federal funding and described next steps. Nick Koch, Durwin Fitch and David Frank offered comments and observations.

2008 Review
Chair Leer reviewed 2010 Partners accomplishments to date:

Organizational Development – 2010 Partners has defined its mission and initiated its role as a:

Clearinghouse: Regular meetings for dissemination of information
Platform: Organizational support for planning/development projects
Incubator: Initiate projects and funding
Advocate: Promote comprehensive, integrated planning and design

2010 Partners has expanded its base of civic support, through both individual participation and organizational funding. After six months the membership has grown to over 90 individuals and organizations.

Project Implementation – 2010 Partners has been building on the DAG 360 report through initiating, facilitating and advocating for district development initiatives including:

Transit Hub
District Identity
Neighborhood Connections
Plan for Urban Center

Civic Engagement – 2010 Partners has become the vehicle for public engagement for the district. It is fast becoming a model for civic engagement through its process of collaboration, facilitation, communication and technical/design support – as organizations look to the 2010 process as a successful way of supporting growth and development.

Partnerships – 2010 Partners is beginning to bring people and institutions together in new ways that foster the vision of the district becoming more than a ballpark.

Chair Leer described the 2010 Partners process as a success, but emphasized that this is just the beginning with much to do in 2009 and beyond. Ralph Strangis acknowledged the accomplishments of 2010 Partners and thanked the group for their efforts in 2008.

Next meeting dates
13 January 2009
Downtown Public Library


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