Infrastructure as a Community Amenity

Check out this great article written by William R. Morrish, Professor of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban and Environmental Planning School of Architecture, University of Virginia. Morrish developed the article following his experiences working in post-Katrina New Orleans, post-9/11 Manhattan, and in response to the 1993 Mississippi River flood. He eloquently makes the case for:

  • Re-thinking the role infrastructure plays in our private and collective lives
  • Developing a comprehensive, integrated and collaborative approach to creating new forms of infrastructure that express and meet the new challenges of our society, economy and environment
  • Incorporating natural systems and processes as structural components of sustainable infrastructure

Morrish’s article is especially noteworthy, as we move into a unique period of global warming, fluctuating fuel prices, limited natural resources and changing demographics—all of which require a new approach to development at a time of limited government resources.

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