Minutes for Tuesday 19 August 2008

2010 Partners Board Meeting
Metrodome Production Room
Tuesday 19 August 2008
5:30 – 6:45 pm

Present: Peter McLaughlin, Kit Richardson, Dave St. Peter, Nancy Hylden, Chuck Ballentine, Mark Oyaas, Dan Kenney, Karen Rosar, John McDermott, David Frank, Bob Pfefferle, Bruce Lambrecht, Matt Hoy, Phil Eckhert, Katie Hatt, Carl Michaud, Mark Stenglein, Denise Holt, Carletta Sweet, Chuck Leer, Jackie Cherryholmes, Matt Clark, Nick Koch, Mike Christenson, Durwin Fitch, Andy McDermott, Dana Widstrom, Raymond Dehn, Bill Blanski, Rich Rovang, LJ Rotman, Alice Eicholz, Dave Van Hattum, Wendy Holmes, Bill Madden, Mary deLaittre


Reporting on Initiatives

Transit Hub

Commissioner McLaughlin gave a summary of the Transit Initiative to date (see handout), including the success of the presentation to Congressman Oberstar, the need over the next 6 Months to gather information and define the program for the transit station in order to develop an accurate budget and develop a final number to get to Congressman Oberstar.  Commissioner McLaughlin also requested the city work closely with County Staff on the Cedar Lake Bike Trail in order to coordinate planning efforts with the transit initiative. Mike Christenson congratulated Commissioner McLaughlin on his leadership.

County Transit Studies: Phil Eckhert gave a summary of what the County Transit Studies were, including the $300,000 study to focus on transit infrastructure planning and functional requirements and the $150,000 which will be used for a design competition to generate ideas for the design of the transit station, a development framework for a ½ mile radius and connections into adjoining areas. Eckhert also included a handout describing the other initiatives underway in the Transit Center vicinity and how all the moving parts link together.

Mike Christenson highlighted the importance of creating a simplified, unified process for neighborhood/city review of the various initiatives in the area and called on 2010 Partners to invite the City to work with them to create this process.

District Development

District Identity and Business Improvement District: Andy McDermott of Shea Architects, along with Joanne Kaufman of the WDBA presented the process and recommendations to date of the Identity working group.  (see handout)

Michael McLaughlin from the Downtown Council clarified that the DTC BID plan only extends to 2nd Avenue North. Commissioner McLaughlin emphasized that connections to North Minneapolis need to be improved. David Frank asked how we were going to manage/merge/coordinate all of the different identities and organizations of the area. Kit Richardson advised to keep it simple, Dave St.Peter recommended to create one simple, cohesive message.

Next steps include assembling a task force to discuss Identity development and investigate a Business Improvement District.

Physical Connections

Public Art Plan: Dan Kenney handed out a map locating where public art was to be located on the Ballpark premises and at gateway locations on HERC and city property.  He described the process that is a collaboration with the City. To date the public art fund includes: $200,00 from the infrastructure fund, $150,000 from North Star and potentially money from HERC.  Joanne Kaufman requested WDBA be on the planning committee.

HERC: Carl Michaud described the planning study created by University of Minnesota students and the Center for Sustainable Building Research.  Three comprehensive and integrated plans look at re-imagining the building, the landscape, how to integrate the building better into the neighborhood and green roof and other ‘greening’ opportunities. The final report is due in mid-late September. Student may be able to present at the next 2010 Partners meeting.

Roles of 2010

To be discussed at September meeting.

ULI Infrastructure report

Nick Koch passed out the ULI Infrastructure Report.

David Frank alluded to the Mark Oyaas/HDR sponsored Street Car Meeting and concluded with: As we (2010 Partners) move ahead we need to pull together on a plan for how to pay for the very important connections we all care about.  These connections are the reason we’re all meeting in the first place!  Whether it’s Tax Increment or a BID or assessments or easement donations or some other thing, we should start to craft a strategy.  I hope we start on this next time.

Next meeting dates

Sept. 23

Oct. 28

Dec. 9


Additions and Corrections: The MBA authorized contributing up to $200,000 from the Authority’s designated District Enhancements and Public Art Incentive Fund for public art

projects; and MBA Board also directed staff to investigate the feasibility of utilizing up to $200,000 from the Ballpark Infrastructure contingency budget for public art projects after major Infrastructure bid packages are closed out.

Joanne Kaufman of WDBA attended the meeting.

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