Minutes for Tuesday 3 June 2008

2010 Partners Board Meeting
Environmental Services Building
Tuesday 3 June 2008
5:30 – 6:30 pm

Present: Peter McLaughlin, Dave St. Peter, Nancy Hylden, Chuck Ballentine, Mark Oyaas, Dan Kenney, Karen Rosar, John McDermott, David Frank, Bob Pfefferle, Bruce Lambrecht, Matt Hoy, Phil Eckhert, Katie Hatt, Carl Michaud, Mark Stenglein, Denise Holt, Carletta Sweet, Chuck Leer, Jackie Cherryholmes, Matt Clark, Nick Koch, Mike Christenson, Durwin Fitch, Andy McDermott, Dana Widstrom, Raymond Dehn, Bill Blanski, Rich Rovang, LJ Rotman, Alice Eicholz, Dave Van Hattum, Wendy Holmes, Bill Madden, Mary deLaittre


Formal Actions of Support
Hennepin County Resolution formally recognizes 2010 Partners and announces the funding of two transit studies.

The North Loop Neighborhood Association and the Warehouse Business District Association officially support the 2010 Partners effort with contributions of $1000 each.

Important Actions
The MBA has authorized $1 million for district enhancements, including signage and public art. There may be more money to augment the fund from left over contingency dollars. A staff level meeting to discuss public art will convene in two weeks.

A Transit for Livable Communities grant application was submitted by the County and MBA, with a letter of support from the 2010 Partners, for the 3rd Avenue extension from the Ballpark to the bike trail head.

An evaluation of the bikeway connection and pedestrian enhancement for the 3rd Avenue extension was given by Mary deLaittre with an explanation of the MBA approach by Dan Kenney.

Reporting on Initiatives
Phil Eckhert presented a summary of the Transit Hub initiative to date, including the opportunity to work with 2010 Partners as the County moves into Phase 2 of the studies, the need to coordinate our collective efforts and build on current thinking, and the importance of thinking about the Environmental Services Building and HERC as integral pieces of the development plan.

John Herman invited 2010 Partners to attend the July 21 meeting with Congressman Oberstar – it is an opportunity to continue to advocate for the Transit Hub and tie into his priorities.

Chuck Leer introduced the ULI Infrastructure seminar as a wealth of information and highlighted the important role 2010 Partners could play in supporting political decision-making.

A meeting about developing a district identity was held at Shea Architects. The turn out was very good. At the meeting goals were identified, along with barriers and challenges, boundaries of district, and demands of the ballpark. The next meeting will be held 1pm Wed. 11 June.

The County handed out information about modifications to 2nd Avenue and a public meeting that will be held to discuss the changes.

2010 Requirements for Moving Forward
The Groundwork Fee and Work Proposal was approved with the confirmation of the Twins, Hines and United Properties committing $15,000 each to support the 2010 Partners effort.


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